*Keep in mind that pets, dogs & cats have their eyes on the feast. Note that the holiday season with its rich, tempting food is a busy time for veterinary clinics. Here are some suggestions for keeping pets healthy and happy during the festivities.

*Keep food and fancy wrappers out of reach of our beloved pets. Pets are known to take food and anything that smells like food from the floor, kitchen table or counter top, and trash bins.

*Resist offering leftovers. Rich and fatty foods like gravy, dressing and pie can cause painful and series health problems. Don't offer turkey bones or any bones. The bones easily splinter and can cause fatal injuries.

*Keep holiday decorations out of reach. Climbing cats and dogs with wagging tails can knock over candies and decorations. Some pets may chew on decorations that look and sound like toys.

*Plan ahead. Have some special pet treats that they love on hand, remember pets are a big part of your family and want to be of the holiday. Pet give so much love, consider cooking a special treat for your special pet.

*Google "Homemade pet treat recipes".

*Right before the party takes your dog for a long walk, or just let them out.

*Set up a safe quite zone for your pet, a new special toy or chewy can help holiday stressed pet.

  Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year for you and your special pet.

  Give them an extra hug and Kiss from me!!