You may be feeling some fiscal pressure and there doesn't seem to be a quick way out of our current predicament. It's not just about increasing your income or cutting your expenses. In this entire global financial condition you are just a spoke in the wheel. It's going to take a complete overhaul in the world to get back to basics; we can learn the answers by looking at history. Americans came back in 1930's and can come back today if we work together. In the 1800's Oil was bad by 1850 we used oil in lights and heating homes and business. Tax and spend is not the answer. Cutting good paying jobs for the middle class is not the answer.

Out souring middle class jobs is not the answer. In the last 30 years we last 30 to 40 million jobs in America. CEO'S making 500 to 1000's times what the middle class workers earn is not the answer. 1900 in Texas oil was black gold Texas tea that made many wealthy and put thousands of people to work in good paying jobs. By 1908 Henry Ford mass produced Automobiles that were affordable that ran on Gasoline this produced the construction of roads, bridges, street lights, repair shops, hotels, dinners get the ideal. Today Billionaires cut and run, Cut your jobs and Run your jobs out of the country. Tax breaks for the wealthy and oil companies is not the answer. Please tell me what wealthy person or

companys put Americans to work. Any positive change, however small now will help, please remember everything doesn't have to happen overnight. We are working on a Television Game Show. Titled KISS Keep it Simple Stupid! The show will deal with putting us back to work in good paying jobs. If you can help fund this project call Richie Job Solution Ideals. Install an electric power grid in Hotels, Shopping Centers, fast food restaurants and?

Put Power lines underground. Develop better batteries for the Automobile Industry but manufacture them America. REPAIR bridges and over passes. We would put 1000's of people to work in good paying jobs.

If we work together we can bring America back' but we need to start today. Email me your Ideals Please. In the last month or so a number of you emailed and call about your lose of a pet family member.

Thanks for nice comments on the Mr. Kittty Tribute Show I did that show 3 day after I lost him. I did the show from the heart about my best friend. Some of you asked me to Host Rainbow Bridge.