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Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention is everybody’s Business!

    45 Common Sense Measures to help prevent Crime & Murder. Being alert could prevent you from being victimized. Don't be vulnerable; reduce the opportunities for criminals to strike, by being careful, by being alert, and by being a good neighbor. Report all crime call 911. Sponsor Crime Prevention Programs! Call 312-450-2750 Email: rautomd@gmail.com


Common Sense Driving Tips:    

  *Always lock your doors. Never leave your car running with the keys in the ignition, even for a few minutes. Never leave kids or pets in a locked car.

  *When driving your vehicle lock doors and put windows 1/2 way up. This will make it harder for the bad guys to get to you.         

  *When parking in a lot at night look for a well-lighted busy area / parking lot.

  *Don't leave packages or valuables in view in a locked car. Lock them in the trunk. If you have an SUV put the packages on the floor and cover them up with a cloth / blanket the same color as the interior.

  *Be alert at the traffic lights leave some room in front of of your vehicle.

  *Never pick up hitchhikers.

  * If you have a car problem, an accident, call 911 first state what your problem is and if anyone is hurt. Then tell the dispatcher where you are like on 22 street east side of traffic just past Central Ave. This will help them help you faster, help them help you.

  *Don't read or send texts. Drive the vehicle. Don't eat a meal. Drive the vehicle.

  *Don't get into Road Rage with other drivers. Other drivers may have a gun and will use it. 


Richie's Crime Prevention Tips: at Home, Apartment and Condo!

 *Crime prevention is everybody's business. The following tips help you reduce your risk of being a crime victim. These common-sense actions also empower you by building confidence in your ability to protect yourself and be independent. Know your neighbors is your first line of defense. Turn in the bad guys and gangs in your community. Names vehicles and any info  to get them off the streets. You can help stop the crime spree. It's your duty.

 *Use deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Keep your doors locked at all times, even when you are inside. Install safety chain lock.

 *Protect all windows and sliding glass doors with quality locks or other security devices. Cut a PVC pipe and put it in to prevent windows and sliding glass door from being opened or install security lock pins.

 *Sensible key tips: Don't put an address tag on your key ring; don't hide an extra key under a doormat, or flower pot.

 *Harassing or obscene phone calls. Hang up immediately if the caller persists, call law enforcement and the phone company and file a report about the harassing calls. If you have caller ID give law enforcement their number.

 *Never let strangers in your home without checking their identification. Call their company if you are not sure. Install a viewer / peephole at your height in your door, and use it.

 *If you live alone, don't advertise it. When putting your name into a phone book directories, and apartment lobbies only use your first initial not your first name.

 *Seniors should use direct deposit for social security and or pension checks. In emergency call 911 Police, Fire, Paramedics or to report a crime right away.

 *Keep all other emergency numbers handy maybe in more than one place.

 *Engrave valuables with a unique identification number. Don't use social security / bank account or drivers license numbers. 

 *Keep bonds, stock certificates, seldom worn jewelry, stamp and coin collections in a safe deposit box.

 *Don't keep large amounts of cash at home don't tell anyone that you keep cash at home.

 *Light up your property entrances, porches, stairways. Use timers on lights when you are away or coming home after dark.

 *Get a driveway alarm that alerts you when someone comes up your driveway.

 *Join a neighborhood watch group or help organize one. Bring in speakers to discuss crime prevention; you can call on me to be your speaker. Richie Zie at 312-841-2560 or rhomemd@yahoo.com Had enough then give them up!!!

 *Let neighbors know when you go on a trip so they can watch out for your home apartment or condo. Be a good neighbor return the favor when they go away. Set up well being checks.

 *Seniors work out a buddy system with a neighbor. Check on each other every day.

 *You can help stop the crime spree, It's your duty.

 *What to do if you are assaulted: If the attacker is only after your iPod, smart phone, purse or other valuables, don't resist. Your life and safety are worth more than your possessions.

 *Don't think about them just give them up.

 *One of Richie's most important tips: make a conscious effort to get an accurate description of the attacker and call 911. This will help get them off the streets.

 *Help take our community back and save a life. Had enough then give them up!!!

 *Reduce the opportunities for criminals to strike by being careful, alert a good neighbor, and turn in the bad guys.


Richie's Crime Prevention Tips on a Bus or L Train: More!

 *Put your smart phone or iPad away. Stay alert and tuned into your surroundings.

 *Don't fall asleep.

 *Watch who gets on or off the bus or L train with you. If you feel uneasy, walk directly to a place where there are other people. You are safer in numbers.

 *When using the bus or other public transportation, sit near the driver if possible.

 *Use well lighted bus stop or L station and stay alert at all times.

*We all can make public transportation safer. If you see a crime going down call 911 report it.

*Tell the dispatcher where the crime took place, what the bad guys looked like tall or short, what they were wearing; clothes like green shirt, black baggy pants, red & blue shoes; brown leather jacket etc. Witch way they ran. You can help get them off the streets.

*Don't burden yourself with a lot of packages on the bus or L train.

*Help get the bad guys off the streets, bus stop, and L train. Let’s all make it safer for your family and friends. Oh yes and for little kids. 

Richie's Crime Prevention Tips

 *Stay alert and tuned into your surrounding at all times. Get your nose out of your smartphone I pad don't read or send texts. Don't daydream.

 *Walk in a confident, relaxed manner. Make brief eye contact with approaching strangers.

 *Bad guys are looking for easy targets don't be one.

 *Trust your instincts your gut. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.

 *When you go out if possible go with a friend.

 *Walk on well-lighted busy streets. Stay away from vacant lots, alleys, or construction sites.

 *Avoid dark deserted routes, even if they are shorter.

 *Put your phone away get the ear piece out and be alert of the surrounding.

 *Don't flash cash, smart phone, or other tempting targets such as expensive jewelry.

 *Let someone know where you’re going and when you'll be back.

 *If a friend or a taxi cab takes you home, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside.

 *Have your car or house key in hand as you approach your vehicle or home.

 *Try caring a small change purse with money or credit cards you need,

 *Keep your wallet in an inside pants or jacket pocket.

 *Reduce the opportunities for criminals to strike by being careful, and alert.

 *If the attacker is only after your purse, smart phone, of other valuables, don't resist. Your life and safety are worth more than your possessions. Had enough then give them up!!!

Sponsor Crime Prevention Programs: Call 312-450-2750 rautomd@gmail.com

Hydrogen Peroxide Tips

It kills bacteria, toxic mold, and fungus. Clears up skin infections, cleans and removes tough stains and much more.

 1) Mix 1oz of Hydrogen Peroxide and 1oz of mouthwash. Put this mix in your mouth for 3 to 5 minutes. This gets rid of sour troth, cold sores, minor tooth pain and bad breath. Hydrogen Peroxide is an oral debriding agent.

2) Soak your toothbrush in Hydrogen Peroxide. This kills germs and bacteria.              

3) The oldest De Toxic Formula; 1qt. of Hydrogen Peroxide, 1qt. box of Epson Salt, 1 qt. box of baking soda. Put 1 inch of hot water in your tub, then add the De Toxic Formula. Get in the tub and fill it with hot water stay in the tub for 15 to 25 minutes you will soak the minor aches and pains away.

4) Wooden cutting board in your kitchen: After using it wash well and then pour Hydrogen Peroxide on it and let sit for 3 minutes. This will kill salmonella, bacteria and any other germs.

5) Humidifiers, vaporizers and steamers: Add 6 oz of Hydrogen Peroxide to the water this will keep air germ and bacteria free.

6) Kill toe and nail fungus by soaking your feet for 30 minutes in 2 gallons of hot water, 1/2qt of Epson salt and 1qt of Hydrogen Peroxide.

7) Soak any cuts to your skin for 10 minutes two times a day with Hydrogen Peroxide. This will clean and disinfect the wound and help it heal a lot faster.

8) Skunk sprayed mix: 1 qt. of Hydrogen Peroxide, 6 oz. of tomato juice, 2 oz. of real lemon juice, 1/2 oz. of olive oil and 1/4 oz of dish washing liquid. Apply to skin and hair for 10 minutes rinse and reapply 2 more times. Keep out of eyes! Then get a clean wash cloth, hair shampoo, and conditioner and wash 2 times. This works on all family members especially Pets!

9) White Cloth! Hydrogen Peroxide will remove blood, vine and new Stains. Pour Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then put in your washing machine right away with an oxygen laundry detergent cleaner.


Hydrogen Peroxide costs less than $1.00 and does so much!


10) Remove salt stains in your vehicles carpets. Mix 1 qt of Hydrogen Peroxide and 1 oz. of oxygen cleaner pour on stain and let set for 5 minutes then scrub in and pat off with a towel.  

11) Clean counters and table tops with Hydrogen Peroxide: This will kill all germs and bacteria. Spray on wipe in and wipe off or just pour on a dish towel and wipe in. Your kitchen will also smell better.

12) You can use Hydrogen Peroxide on fruits and vegetables: First clean your sink. Then, fill the sink with the fruits and vegetables. Add cold water 6 oz of Hydrogen Peroxide and let set for 30 minutes. Then, rinse off and let dry. This will kill any salmonella bacteria and germs.

13) House plant white fungus killer: Mix into a 1 qt. spray bottle 2 oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide and fill with water. Spray the plants and let then sit for 5 minutes. Then put in a sink or bathtub and rinse with cold water.   

14) Treat any mold, mildew, germs and bacteria with Hydrogen Peroxide. It will kill them all.

15) PLEASE be CAREFUL not to get Hydrogen Peroxide in your EYES!

16) Minor ear pain: Put 6 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear let sit for 3 minutes. Rinse and reapply 2 more times and rinse well. Before doing ear wash please check with your doctor first!


Treatments for Upset Stomach, Diarrhea and/or Vomiting

  1. Vomiting and diarrhea are best treated by resting the stomach.
  2. Give the patient nothing by mouth, except lollipops or hard candy for about 4 hours.
  3.  Start cola or ginger ale (shake out the fizz), one shot glass full every 15 minutes for 1 hour.
  4.  If the above is well tolerated, offer saltine crackers, toast with jelly (no butter) and a very weak tea with real sugar (about 4 oz.)
  5.  Meals may then be selected from these binding, and usually well-tolerated: no milk, dry rice cereal, dry sugar-coated cereal, apples, applesauce, bananas, jello, cottage cheese, lean meats or chicken. Clear broth or any clear soups.
  6.  A good source of fluids for a child who refuses other liquids would be (Kool Aid) or (Funny Face).
  7.  Avoid milk, vegetables, other fruits, foods or spices. Water is usually irritating to an empty stomach. Skim milk undiluted, can be dangerous to a child who may be becoming dehydrated.
  8.  Capacitate is usually ineffective, is vomited by the patients with stomach upsets, and binds for days after the acute episode. Do not use compazine or other suppositories to suppress vomiting as these drugs can produce convulsions if used indiscriminately or in incorrect dosage.
  9.  Aspirin is usually irritating. Temperature may be reduced with Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Tempra) drops, 0.6 ml. per year of age, or by running cold water over the wrists for 10 to 15 min.
  10.  Persistent or recurrent vomiting, severe cramps, or pain may be dangers signs. Call your Doctor and/or 911!

Save on Gasoline

1) Keep your tires inflated to the proper air pressure. If one tire is 10 pounds low, you lose 2 or 3 Gallons of Gasoline per tank full. Balance rotate tires and replace worn tires. Check your front end alignment and Save Gallons of Gasoline per Tank Full!

2) Change oil and filter. Get a grease job every 2500 to 3000 miles. Oil lubricates and cools your   engine so keep if clean and full. This will Save You Miles per Tank Full!

3) Change your air and gas filters every year or 12,000 miles. Vehicles run on 20 to 30 parts of air to 1 part of Gasoline, if you have dirty filters you could be losing 2 Gallons of Gasoline per Tank Full!

4) Empty your vehicles of all excess weight. The more weight you carry around, the more Gasoline you waste!

5) Combine and map out your trips. Try not to drive in rush hour or slow traffic times. This will save you on Gasoline. If you most drive at rush hour, look at buying a Hybrid Vehicle. They almost double Gas Mileage in city and slow traffic!

              Taking care of your Vehicles add up to Big Savings at the Gasoline Pump!

6) Don’t push that Gas Pedal to the floor. Slow and gentle acceleration will save Gasoline. Let your foot off the gas pedal for awhile before you start braking. Using cruise control will help, and save you 1 to 2 Gallons of Gasoline per Tank!

7) Wash and wax your vehicles. Clean you’re Engines. Rain X on all the glass. These simple tips will make your vehicles more Aerodynamic and save you miles per Gallon of Gasoline!!

8) Try to keep your Gasoline tank at ½ to full you get better Gas mileage!

9) Don’t warm up your vehicles for more then 1 minute in the cold weather!

10) Clean the snow off your vehicles. Wet snow is very heavy and it cost you Miles per Gallon!