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The industrial revolution started in Chicago.  Richie takes the mystery out of Chicago history.              "If you have an automotive glitch, don't bitch! call Richie" If we use your glitch,you may win a prize.

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chicago history & automotive heaven: money saving tips

Chicago history & automotive heaven: the history of the mustang

Chicago history & automotive heaven: restaurants of days gone by


Chicago History & Automotive heaven: alive & kicking

Chicago History & Automotive Heaven: International Motorcycle Show & World of Wheels

Chicago History & Automotive Heaven: Chicago Auto Show

chicago history & automotive heaven: Rudolph's chicago connection & tips for the holidays

Chicago History & Automotive heaven: mr. kitty tribute

Automotive Heaven: For Bikers Only

Automotive Heaven: Winterizing Tips

Chicago Heroes:  Ann Lurie and Jane Byrne

Chicago:  Turn the Beat Around

Paul Harvey:  A Chicago Hero


Chicago and the Auto Industry

Polish Contributions to Chicago

Riverview Amusement Park

History of Ferdinand Porsche and the VW Beetle

Potter Palmer's Story


Chicago Premier Tour

Chicago and the Wizard of Oz


Magnificent Mile Story 1860 to Present

A Celebration of the Irish

 Chicago History


Haymarket Martyrs


Featuring Larry Spivak, President of the Illinois Labor History Society.

Chicago History

Chicago history 1833 - 1930. Faces that made Chicago the greatest city.

Muscle Cars

Muscle car history starting with Jr. Johnson in the 1940's.

Jim Moran

Chicago's Jim Moran, the Courtesy Man, the Rich's Automobile man in History.

Route 66 History, Pt. 2

John Weiss, Author / Preservationist, drives us down Route 66 in Illinois.

Route 66 History, Pt. 1

John Weiss, Author / Preservationist, drives us down Route 66 in Illinois.


Sherman Dodge in Skokie, IL