...and why we don't have them on our roads. A sad story in America Air Pollution in Big City is very Unhealthy in the Summer we hear about Action Days. Pollution action days very high. Elderly and children should not leave the house. We should refrain from playing sports. Asthmatics should carry oxygen bottles with them. We should all wear masks. This problem is worldwide. Have you heard of the solution? Lets travel back in time to the year 1996 and the production of Electric Cars in the United States of America the EV 1 {ELECTRIC VEHICLE 1} produced by General Motors and circulated in the streets of California. The EV1 performed Very well, and looked cool. They were fast 0 to 100 KM/H in less than 9 seconds! The EV1 was quiet! The EV1 produced no environmental pollution! The EV1 did not have a tail pipe! The EV1 could be easily charged with Electrical energy in your own home & garage. Over 10 years later, these cars of the future are gone! We should ask WHY? How is this possible? You have to know that electric cars could not be bought. You could only rent electric cars. We should ask WHY? None of the leases were extended. General Motors reclaimed all the EV1's despite the opposition of the users. Sad part of this story All the EV1's were DESTROY! We should ask WHY?  In 1997, Nissan presented Hyper Mini electrical car. The city of Pasadence, California chose this car as a vehicle for its professional officers. They valued these cars a lot because they were very easy to use and you could park it anywhere easily. They were very efficient for city driving. In august 2006 the leases for the cars ran out. The community tried to buy the cars,,, Nissan, said no, and took all the cars back and DESTROY THEM We ask WHY?

In 2003 Toyota decided to discontinue production of its RAV4-EV ( EV= Electric Vehicle)This four-wheel electric vehicle, this very high technology product, was very much valued by its users since 1997. The recharging energy cost amounted to $0.09 Cents per kilowatt hour. The complete charging was $2.70 Cents in 2005 the leases on the cars ran out. Toyota hurried to retrieve all these vehicles immediately you guest it in order to... DESTROY THEM ALL!  We should ask WHY? Americans began to organize themselves! In an attempt to save the RAV4-EV, they founded the "DON'T CRUSH". America IT'S A GOOD THING TO ORGANIZE! Don't crush exerted pressure on Toyota for 3 months. They WON!! Toyota finally supported and authorized those who had rented this car and wanted to buy now. Never the less, the production of this model was discontinued and no longer produced and the EV-95 NIMN battery never recovered. Do you ask WHY? Here Is the answer!! In 2005 the Chevron-Texaco Merger and bought the patents of the battery for $30 Million Dollars and the factory DISMANTLED. This put the big heart on the whole world. It's sick how electric vehicles are Destroyed, but vehicles with an internal combustion engine are well protected. America Wake Up! Big oil companies do not want the electric vehicles to survive. "LOBBIES" see to that with BILLIONS of Dollars in Payoffs. The sad thing is that WARS are being fought and PEOPLE KILLED for fuel that pollutes our environment all over the world. There is not only the technology of electric vehicles. BMW has developed a commercial car that runs on hydrogen. This is 10 years old We need to ask when can WE Have it. Former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger drives a Hummer, which is operated on hydrogen.

The public was presented to the Genepax. The only car that runs on water vapor. The water used does not have to be filtered. The car has the ability to drive for 1 hour at 80 KM/H on one liter of water.                     


How is it possible that these cars are not available worldwide? These cars would have had the ability to replace vehicles with internal combustion engines for years. Water vapor is the only thing exhausted from hydrogen combustion vehicles. That means complete freedom from harmful substances! Air is the only raw material being used-a free fuel source! How cool is this! What would a barrel of oil cost then if it was not used to move cars and trucks. Lower demand, dropped the price dramatically. The price would drop if there were no speculators. Do you know who is interested, that oil prices don't drop? Enormous oil companies that control through the power of Money, the Legislators of the USA and Europe! Families-Bush {former President of the USA} Rockefeller, Rothschild, the British Royal Family, Enormous fortune-sized industries, which are mostly dependent on oil.

I was at the Chicago Auto Show 5 times doing your home work. I think you should look at ELECTRIC VEHICLES I will be bring you info on a lot of new cars soon here and on the Chicago History & Automotive Heaven Radio & Television Show & Pod Cast We talk to a number of Manufactures about getting cars for Richie's Drive and Blog should start soon. You are a lot more informed this story has been in the works many years, let me leave you with this. If you buy a new vehicle ask about electric, Hydrogen, and all other fuels be informed. Want to breathe fresh air, Then take action! The "LOBBYISTS" are not as invincible strong and rooted as it seems. You ready to fight for our SURVIVAL and for the well being of our PLANT! Please ask your friends and family to read this story and get informed. God Bless Us All!